Summer is here !

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Yes, the Summer is here, and with it came Summer vacation for the kids. Now they are spending less time sitting in the class rooms and more time running outside, swimming in the pools and playing basketball.

 Most of your kids will go ot the camps and will also spend a lot of time being outdoors.
As you know most eye injuries are caused by sport or sport related.
It is absolutely urgent for your kids the eyewear that is safe for outdoor activities. Most metal frames are not a good choice for it, because they have the nose pad arms that made out of metal. They are positioned very close the the eyes, and in case of a direct impact on the face, they might (G-d forbid) damage the face and even the eye itself. Metal frames are unsafe when it comes to sports. If you can afford to buy your children sport goggles, I encourage you to do so as soon as possible.

The price of the sport goggles vary between $100 and $150. They all have manufacturers warrantee for at least one year and they are all made with unbrakable polycarbonate lenses. If you can't afford the sport goggles, you should get for your children plastic frame with polycarbonate lenses. It is not as good of a pretection as goggles, but it is better then a metal frame. If you can't buy a plastic frame, you can bring an old frame from home and we will try to use it for a spare pair that your child can use for running outdoors and playing sports.

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