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We are committed to:

The prevention of sports eye injuries, which are 90% preventable. (Prevent Blindness America)

Discouraging the use of ophtalmic eyewear and sunglasses while playing sports. They cause more severe eye injuries.

Specially trained staff to educate patients on proper eyewear to prevent eye injuries.

Supporting the recommendations of the following organizations:

  • The American Academy of Pediatrics
  • The American Optometric Association
  • The American Academy Of Ophthalmology
  • Prevent Blindness America
  • The National Eye Institute
  • The US Institute of Health (Healthy People 2010)
  • The American Public Health Association


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Optical shop in Los Angeles specializes in children and sporting eyewear

Fitting children with glasses and dealing with the special requirements for sporting eyewear is a task most optical shops are not willing to take on.

“We set out to serve an underserved clientele,” said A.B.See Optical owner David Miretsky. “Children’s eyes are important. They have to be able to see the board where the teacher is writing and they need to be able to see what they work on at their desk. It’s a shame that so many optical shops don’t feel the need to help the next generation.”

Mr. Miretsky said it does take patience sometimes in dealing with children. Some have short attention spans and they all like to handle the frames they are looking at.

“That’s just part of the business. When the children are done, we clean the display samples off and put them back on display. It’s not that hard,” he said.

The rewards for working with children and outfitting them with glasses goes far beyond the money the parents pay for the glasses.

“When I put the new glasses on the child and he spins around and yells ‘I CAN SEE IT!’ MR. DAVID I CAN SEE IT!’ well, there’s just no feeling in the world quite like that. I can’t tell you the number of kids who’ve paid me with hugs that mean more to me than anything,” he said. “To see them walk out of the store talking about everything they can clearly see, wow, what a feeling.”

In the sports department, the feeling he get is the same even if the customers are not quite as demonstrative, he said.

“I’ve had kids who play all kinds of sports come in and get fitted for sports glasses. The grin they have when I fit the eyewear to them tells me I’m in the right business,” he said. “When they can see, they can make the plays they need to.”

The shop at 8488 W. 3rd St. in LA also offers discount glasses which people can use as a second or backup pair. Mr. Miretsky said he believes in giving people quality products at a reasonable price.

Mr. Miretsky has been in the optics business since 1979. He’s made lenses and worked for Hi-Tech Optical Laboratory before opening A.B.See in 1995. The next year the company launched its website. The combination proved to be such a success, the shop had to move to the bigger store on W. 3rd Street.

“I have tremendously enjoyed serving the LA region for more than 20 years in one fashion or another. With 18 years in this store, I know I’m provided a much needed service to the community and I look forward to serving many more people,” he said.

For more information about glasses for children or sporting eyewear, visit or call (877) 538-0542.