First aid in case of an eye injury

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Please save this for further references
Specs of foreign material
(dirt, lint,eyelash,etc.)
Never rub the eye.First, flush * the eye with water to wash the particle away. If it doesn't work or if discomfort continues after the particle seems gone, consult an eye doctor.
Chemical contamination Flush the eye with water for at least 15 minutes. Consult an eye doctor immediately. Have the product container available to read the ingredients to the doctor.Note: time is of the essence. If water is not immediately available, use other non-hazardous liquid.
Cut or pucture to the eye or lid Consult an eye doctor immediately or go to emergency room. Do not rub the eye, do not apply pressure, do not flush with water. Use shield, such as a Styrofoam cup or milk carton, to protect the eye from pressure.
Blow to the eye Apply a cold compress or hold a bag of crushed ice on the eye for 15 minutes to reduce swelling and pain. Consult an eye doctor immediately. A black eye, blood in the pupil or blurred vision could indicate serious injury.
STEPS FOR FLUSHING EYE WITH WATER Victim should lie down with head turned to the side, injured eye down. Hold injured eye opened with thumb and forefinger. Using a clean container, gently pour water over the eye, from the inside corner to the outside corner. Do so for 15 minutes. Loosely bandage the eye.